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Use the tools below to start exploring everything Essex Insight has to offer.

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Start finding out about Essex Insight

  • Browse all available data
    To see all of the data that is available to you in Essex Insight, select the data you are interested in and create you own charts and maps
  • Browse all available resources
    To find documents such as reports strategic assessments, charts, maps, web links and videos
  • Browse data by theme
    View all of the data that is related to a specific area of interest or project
  • Find data by geography
    To select a specific geographical area of interest and see all the data available for that geography. Partners who login will also be able to compare more than one dataset against geographical locations. 
  • Browse all baskets
    To view pre-selected groups of data, charts and maps that relate to a specific area or theme
  • View available profiles
    To view data or information related to a specific area or theme and displayed as charts and on maps

Updated: 04 April 2012 | Owner: Maresa Beazley