2011 Census (first release) Summary - Essex, districts & unitary areas


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Author: Maresa Beazley
Publisher: Essex County Council

Date Published: 19 July 2012
Date Added: 19 July 2012
Period Relates To: 2001, 2011

A summary of 2011 Census (first release published 16th July 2012) compared with Mid-2010 populations and 2001 Census data with headlines for Essex and the districts. More recent publications may contain different figures. Report produced by Essex County Council from ONS published data. 2001 Census data was downloaded from NOMIS 17th July and may differ from other sources of 2001 Census data. Mid-2010 by age data is aggregated from single age published data. Updated to include unitary areas 26th July 2012 This is district level information and does not refer to Town or City populations.

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