Crime & Community Safety

Information about crime, fire and rescue incidents and road safety

The Safer Essex Partnership has a role in bringing together and facilitating research and intelligent analysis of data across partner agencies to help deliver the outcomes/priority areas of focus in the Police and Crime Plan.

This is being managed through the creation of a Research and Analysis Network, bringing analytical expertise and capacity together from partner organisations to develop and deliver an agreed crime reduction and community safety related work programme.

This part of Essex Insight will be used by the network and others as a place to hold a shared knowledge base on research work, findings and relevant analysis.

Reducing domestic abuse

What we are trying to achieve: Reduce domestic abuse

  • The Early Intervention Foundation (2014).  Domestic Violence and Abuse Review: Read more >>
  • Itzin C, Taket A, Barter-Godfrey S (2010) Domestic and sexual violence and abuse: findings from a Delphi expert consultation on therapeutic and treatment interventions with victims, survivors and abusers, children, adolescents, and adults. Melbourne, Australia: Deakin University: Read more >>
  • Stanley N. (2011).  Children Experiencing Domestic Violence: A Research Review Read more >>
  • Radford, L., Corral, S., Bradley, C., Fisher, H., Bassett, C., Howat, N. and Collishaw, S. (2011) Child abuse and neglect in the UK today. London: NSPCC. Read more>>

Supporting our victims of crime

What we are trying to achieve:Reduce the victimisation of vulnerable people, and ensure victims are (and feel) heard

  • Crime survey in England and Wales (previously called the British Crime Survey): Read more >> 

Reduce youth offending and all types of reoffending

What we are trying to achieve: Prevent young people entering the criminal justice system and break the cycle of all re-offending

  • Research on crime to support Home Office policy development and operational activity: Read more >>
  • Home Office archived publications in Acquisitive crime effective practice: Read more >>
  • 2013 Conference on Evidence-Based Policing:
  • 2012 Conference on Evidence-Based Policing:

Tackle the consequences of alcohol and drugs abuse and mental health issues

What we are trying to achieve: Reduce numbers of perpetrators and victims, and reduce demands on the Police (and other responders)

  • Home Office Alcohol and Drug research and analysis: Read more >>
  • Hidden Harm in Essex, effect of parental substance misuse on children: Read more >>

Improve road safety

What we are trying to achieve: Reduce the numbers of people killed and seriously injured on Essex roads

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Improve crime prevention

What we are trying to achieve: Reduce crime across Essex

UCL Jill Dando Institute of Security and Crime Science - JDi Briefing Notes

The analytical briefs showcase methods and techniques which can be applied to improve an understanding of crime and disorder problems.
Analysis Briefs:

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