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Information about health, social care, mental wellbeing, healthy lifestyles and Older People

Information about health, social care, mental wellbeing and healthy lifestyles. It includes resources relating to Older People, and the Joint Strategic Needs Assessments (JSNA) which cover a variety of topics including Demography, Social and Environmental Factors, Lifestyle and Risk Factors, Older People, and Children and Young People.

Tobacco Control (incl. Stop Smoking Support) Introduction

Reducing smoking prevalence can be viewed in two ways: to increase tobacco control measures e.g. smoke-free environments such as play-areas, hospitals and tools to help people choose healthy behaviours and secondly to increase the numbers of smokers accessing stop smoking support services.

The following links provide further information about tobacco control. It includes resources relating to Local Authority Profiles which cover a variety of topics including estimated costs of smoking to the area along with details about the health and social impact of smoking, interventions and examples of how to promote smoke-free environments.

Tobacco Control Profiles

This section contains links to downloadable needs assessments and summaries that present the needs and key messages emerging from existing data sets for Tobacco Control in Essex.

 District/Borough/City Tobacco Control Presentation The Local Cost of Smoking Smokefree Play Parks
 Basildon Presentation - Basildon Cost - Basildon Play Parks - Basildon
 Braintree Presentation - Braintree  Cost - Braintree  Play Parks - Braintree
 Brentwood Presentation - Brentwood  Cost - Brentwood  Play Parks - Brentwood 
 Castlepoint Presentation - Castlepoint Cost - Castlepoint  Play Parks - Castlepoint
 Chelmsford Presentation - Chelmsford Cost - Chelmsford Play Parks - Chelmsford
 Colchester Presentation - Colchester Cost - Colchester Play Parks - Colchester
 Epping Forest Presentation - Epping Forest  Cost - Epping Forest  Play Parks - Epping Forest 
 Harlow Presentation - Harlow Cost - Harlow  Play Parks - Harlow 
 Maldon Presentation - Maldon Cost - Maldon  Play Parks - Maldon 
 Rochford Presentation - Rochford  Cost - Rochford  Play Parks - Rochford 
 Tendring Presentation - Tendring Cost - Tendring  Play Parks - Tendring 
 Uttlesford Presentation - Uttlesford  Cost - Uttlesford  Play Parks - Uttlesford 

What works? – links to useful websites

Below are some useful websites in relation to Tobacco Control.

Link to: NICE - National Institute for Health and Care Excellence

Link to: NICE - Smoking Guidance

Link to: Action on Smoking and Health

Link to: Public Health England

Link to: NHS Smokefree

Link to: Tobacco Profiles

Link to: Local Government Association

Link to: Public Health

Link to: NHS Evidence - Tobacco Control

Link to: National Centre for Smoking Cessation and Training

Illegal Tobacco

This is a briefing sheet covering a variety of topics including what is illegal tobacco, why it is an issue, how is it being tackled, partners role and how to report illegal tobacco and underage sales.

Link to: Illegal Tobacco 

Essex Trading Standards always want intelligence about illegal tobacco as well as intelligence about shops not abiding by the law when selling age-restricted products to children. You can report any concerns via the following link:

Link to: Reporting illegal tobacco concerns

Smokefree Environments

This section provides information on Smokefree homes and cars and how to introduce Smokefree play parks. Below are links to documents on how to implement and promote Smokefree Environments.

Smokefree Homes and Cars

Smokefree Play Parks - Tips for Introduction

Smokefree Play Parks - FAQs

Smokefree Play Parks - Sample Committee Report

Smokefree Play Parks - Press Release

Smokefree Legislation

Smoking has been prohibited by law in virtually all enclosed and substantially enclosed work and public places throughout the United Kingdom since July 2007. Smoke-free legislation in England forms part of the Health Act 2006. Implementation followed the introduction of a similar law in Scotland in 2006 1,2 and regulations in Wales and Northern Ireland (April 2007). Under the Health Act, “substantially enclosed” means premises or structures with a ceiling or roof (including retractable structures such as awnings) and where there are permanent openings, other than windows or doors, which in total are less than half of the area of the walls. So, for example, bus stops can be required to be smoke-free if the shelter is substantially enclosed. The law also applies to workplace vehicles which are used by more than one person at any time.

For further information on the smoke-free legislation including reporting an incident; please contact the relevant local authority environmental health department:

Link to: District, Borough and City Councils

Useful websites:

Link to: ASH - Smokefree Legislation Fact Sheet
Link to: The Smokefree (Premises and Enforcement) Regulations 2006
Link to: Smokefree regulations

Harm Reduction

Nicotine inhaled from smoking tobacco is highly addictive. But it is primarily the toxins and carcinogens in tobacco smoke – not the nicotine – that cause illness and death. The best way to reduce these illnesses and deaths is to stop smoking – ideally, stopping in one step (sometimes called ‘abrupt quitting’). However, there are other ways of reducing the harm from smoking, even though this may involve continued use of nicotine.

NICE have produced 'Tobacco: Harm-reduction approaches to smoking guidance' which advocates a harm reduction approach involving substituting tobacco with less harmful, nicotine-containing products.
The guidance only recommends the use of licensed nicotine-containing products, recognising that the electronic cigarettes may become licensed in the future. 

Useful links:

Link to: Tobacco: Harm-reduction approaches to smoking

Link to: ASH - Electronic Cigarette Briefing

Stop Smoking Support Services across Essex

Stopping smoking will make a huge difference to you and your family’s health and quality of life, but many smokers aren’t sure how to quit. Specialist support, combined with treatment such as nicotine patches, gum or medication can be up to four times more effective than willpower alone.

The link below will direct you to details of the Stop Smoking Support Services across Essex.

Link to: Essex County Council - Smoking Services


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