Census 2011

ONS is responsible for conducting a census in England and Wales every ten years. The most recent census of England and Wales took place on 27 March 2011.

The census benefits

A census counts everybody and describes society. The population’s characteristics are always changing.  A census collects and shares facts about society’s make-up. The population of England and Wales is made up of many jigsaw pieces: different ages, different sexes and different ethnic groups.  The census is the picture which shows how they are put together. Society is changing.  A census is one of the main ways of accurately measuring change across the whole population. By knowing how many people live within the borders of England and Wales, everyone can plan properly for the future.  The census provides a map of the population. The information will help to ensure that the local services that people rely on, such as transport, housing, schools and hospitals, can be provided where they are needed. The information helps central and local government ensure that all areas receive their slice of the funding cake when it comes to allocating billions of pounds in public funding over the next ten years.

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This resource provides census data and products to generate meaningful information for commissioners and policy makers. It brings together data from the 2001 and 2011 census as reports, datasets and baskets containing tables and charts.

Analysis by theme

Data and supporting tables, charts and maps can be found in the 'Datasets' and 'Baskets' sections towards the bottom of the page.

This resource provides information about a number of different subjects including; ethnic group, religion, unpaid care, household composition etc.  Analysis will be added as it becomes available. See 'useful links and tools' section for tables and tables within the 'Explore data' browse all available data. 

 District level analysis of key statistics by subject

Data supporting district level analysis

Small level analysis


Tools and Useful Links


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